TOLEDO, Ohio — For five years in Toledo's DeVeaux neighborhood, Abbey Kontak has made being healthy her life's mission and is pouring out the word to others. 

All Juice, located on West Sylvania Avenue, has been open for five years now and owner Kontak is a strong believer that juicing has many health benefits.

"I believed in juicing from a young age. I had migraines as a teenager (and) it helped me a lot, so its just something I always believed in," Kontak said.

The juice is all natural and made fresh daily.

"Its all-natural fruits and veggies. We don’t add anything - no water, no sugar, no honey is added - and people do it and they feel better," Kontak said.

What makes All Juice stand out is their use of a cold-press juicer. The two-step process will make one batch of juice.

"Our juices are cold pressed. Everything is ground through, then it is pressed so that allows four to six times more nutrients than your average homestyle typical juicer," Kontak said.

First, they clean all the fruits and vegetables they will use for the drink. Next, they throw the ingredients in the juicer. Then a bag catches the pulp and presses it together, making the juice.The final product has three pounds of fruits and veggies all in a 16-ounce bottle.

All Juice has many drinks to choose from, made with all-natural ingredients
Zeinab Cheaib
Juices sold at All Juice is made fresh daily with all natural ingredients

To Kontak, juicing is not all about business - it means so much more to her.

"My grandma has Alzheimer's and oftentimes it's hard to get them to eat and consume proper nutrients. With the juices and with them being cold pressed, it’s a great way for her to get a ton of nutrients and all she has to do is drink it. So I see the positive effect in so many … so many lives," said Kontak

So if you're looking for a drink that’s fresh and made fast, you can check out All Juice in the Deveaux neighborhood. 

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