WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - People were fired up during a Nexus pipeline meeting involving the proposed location of a compressor station in Waterville. The meeting was held by the Ohio EPA Wednesday night.

One after another, people got up and spoke their minds on why they do not believe Waterville is the place for a compressor station.

Right now, a draft air permit has been proposed to the Ohio EPA for a location off Moosman Drive. The location is a spot many feel could be hazardous.

"Concern about the dangerous proximity of a dangerous installation to residences," said Andy Lyke, who lives in town.

"We own and operate an organically produced vegetable farm, just a mile away from it. In other words, in short order, that would shut us down. We wouldn't be able to produce organic vegetables and market them as such," said Teri Bersee, who lives near the proposed location.

The compressor station is intended to help with the delivery of natural gas along the Nexus gas pipeline.

A permit from the EPA is necessary because of the emissions from the compressor. The EPA says the draft would not have come this far in the process if it was not up to code.

"What is proposed has to be protective of human health and the environment as it relates to those air emissions. And that has to meet the standards set by federal and state rules," said James Lee, spokesperson for the Ohio EPA.

The EPA says they do not have authority over the location and several other impacts like setbacks to homes schools and businesses.

The comments given during the meeting will be measured by the EPA against state and federal rules before they make a final decision.