MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - They celebrated the joy of reading at the Maumee Library on Saturday.

It was the 15th year for the event, 'Claire's Day.'

'Claire' is Claire Rubini.

She died from a heart condition in 2000 when she was just ten years old.

Claire loved dancing and crafts but most of all reading.

"We feel this is a great community event. You see all these smiling faces around here. It's good for all of Northwest Ohio' said Claire's dad, Brad Rubini.

Six thousand kids and their parents came to enjoy a variety of literary opportunities and experiences.

They're learning how reading can help them succeed in life.

"Because it's fun," said Sydney Skaln.

The message here: embrace reading at an early age because the sky is the limit.

"To inspire them to do different things and follow their dreams," said Sydney's sister Audrey.

Hundreds from area schools were also honored for improved reading skills.

So what are these kids reading?

"I like to read 'Big Nate' and I just learned about 'Little Divas' said Isaiah Siagleton-Penrone.

"'Kalahari' It's about these people who get lost in the desert and they try to find their way out," said Sydney.

There were interactive presentations and book signings by midwestern children's books authors and illustrators.

Karen Bell-Brege was selling her 'Monster Myth' series.

She believes parents should encourage their kids to read.

'Oh my gosh. There's nothing like it. If our kids don't read we won't have anything. There won't be math and science. To inspire a child to read is the end all for our future."

In other words, make every day 'Claire's Day.'