TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo's pothole problem is rearing its ugly head again as winter takes its toll, but after last year's harsh weather the city is now taking a more proactive approach, allowing residents to report problem potholes in their area using a new app.

To report problem areas, all you have to do is take a picture with your phone on the city's

See Click Fix App

, and the free app will get your pothole complaint prioritized.

So far more than 100,000 potholes have been filled this season, but there are many more to go.

"It gives us a better idea of where all these are at," said Jeremy Mikolajczyk with the City of Toledo. "When it comes in to us, we have a See Click Fix tab where all that goes into and from there it gets broken down into whatever the complaint maybe."

Mikolajczyk says the app helps organize crews, getting them out there to fill more pot holes in a 72 hour window after the complaint.

"We'll be able to see if a complaint is coming in more than once or if that particular area is heavy with complaints," said Mikolajczyk.

There are 200 complaints on record with 66 from the app and city officials say this new process is going to make a huge difference going forward.

"We are seeing an over flow of pot hole complaints so its getting a little tougher to get to them," said Mikolajczyk. "If we do a major road paving project they can actually use this information to know that this area has more pot holes in it than another."

Mikolajczyk says once you send your information to the app and the pothole is filled you will receive a follow up email stating that the job is done. 

If you'd rather call in your complaint call (419) 936-BUMP.