City may settle 2 improper termination lawsuits
Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo may soon be settling two improper termination lawsuits made against former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

The administration feels settlement is in the city's best interest, even though they have denied liability.

Perlean Griffin and Dwayne Morehead filed a lawsuit in 2008 against the city and the former mayor, claiming unlawful discrimination and improper termination.

The mayor's office says legislation being forwarded to council calls for Perlean Griffin, the former Affirmative Action Director, to be paid $150,000. The proposed settlement for Dwayne Morehead, who worked for the City Youth Commission, is $300,000.

This is in accord with a settlement agreement in Federal District Court. The settlement money would come out of the risk management fund and not the general operating fund. However, it still requires council approval.

The proposed settlements will be placed on council's agenda Tuesday, for possible approval on Feb 2.

If the settlements are approved, all claims filed by Griffin and Morehead will be dismissed.

From a City of Toledo media release:City Looks To Settle Two Improper Termination Lawsuits -- Settlements for Griffin and Morehead moved to City Council for action

Mayor Michael P. Bell today sent legislation to Toledo City Council tentatively agreeing to settle two disputed claims alleging improper termination.  While the liability has been denied the administration feels the settlement is in the best interest of the City.

In 2008 both Griffin and Morehead brought suit against the City and former Mayor Finkbeiner alleging unlawful discrimination and improper termination from their respective positions with the City.  Mr. Morehead further articulated a claim that his dismissal from his appointed position at the Board of Community Relations was in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act.  Until her dismissal, Griffin served as Director of the Office of Affirmative Action.

The ordinances presented for council action would authorize the expenditure of $150,000 in settlement to Ms. Griffin and $300,000 to Mr. Morehead, and declaring an emergency.  The settlements would be paid from the Risk Management Fund, which is not a part of the General Revenue Fund and would not contribute to the current deficit.

The settlements are conditioned on the authorization of Toledo City Council and the Mayor.  The issue has been presented to Council for consideration at it's February 2, 2010 meeting after which the mayor intends to sign the legislation.  The proposed ordinance is in accord with a settlement agreement in Federal District Court.  If approved by Council, all claims filed by Morehead and Griffin will be dismissed as to both the City and former Mayor Finkbeiner.