City council discusses water system with EPA
The reliability of Toledo's water system has been called into question.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Toledo City Council held a committee hearing on Monday to review a response from the administration to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report which calls into question the reliability of Toledo's water system.

The Ohio EPA review of the Collins Park water treatment facility reveals a number of significant issues which create for the EPA 'an unacceptable risk of system failure.'

"Providing drinking water is an essential service for the City of Toledo, both for people living in the city and customers outside city limits," said Council President Joe McNamara.

Mike Armstrong, owner of Michael's Café and Bakery, said he's confident city leaders will stay on top of the situation.

"From sanitation to production, water is a necessity for our business, especially food service businesses," Armstrong said.

Carol June is worried water rates will be on the rise to address the need for significant long-term repairs to the water plant.

"Somebody like myself on a fixed income - I can't afford rates going up, but we need water to survive," June said.

The administration will meet with the EPA on Tuesday to discuss the issues.