TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo City Council members are voting to double the amount it will be putting toward sidewalk repairs this year after an approval for $1.25 million.

This means Toledo has a total of $2.5 million going to sidewalks which should repair all sidewalks that have been reported as needing repair as of Tuesday.

Currently, the City of Toled has 2,000 backlogged complaints about sidewalks; the goal is to change that.

A big move by Toledo City Council. Members voting to double the amount of money it will be putting toward sidewalk repairs this year.

“With the previous funding we voted for and the funding today, we believe we’ll be able to ‘catch up’ and we’ll be able to go forward with a much more modest maintenance plan," said Councilwoman Sandy Spang.

Councilwoman Spang advocated for the additional funds that were just approved because she believes it’s something the city really needs.

“Quality sidewalks effects property values, it’s an issue with people with disabilities who need to use our streets, especially if they have a motorized vehicle of some kind, for kids walking to school," said Spang.

Now that the money has been approved and the weather is starting to warm up, Spang anticipates the repairs to begin soon.

And, she wants to make one thing clear: The repairs will not cost Toledo residents money and that this is coming from a fund that for long-term repair projects.

“This is not the same fund that were fill potholes pout of, so I think that’s important for people to know," she added.

With the proposal, Spang asked that city sidewalks get repaired first.

If you know of a sidewalk that needs to be fixed, you can call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020