TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A four-year-old girl is back home safe Tuesday night after she was found wandering alone..

This happened just before 9 a.m. on Phillips Avenue.

She was found around the corner from her home by a passerby, who stopped to call police.

The child's mom said she was sleeping while the little girl got out.

This case now marks six children under the age of five to wander off from their home in Lucas County in the last several weeks.

In this case and in other situations police conduct a full investigation to determine if there was any form of child endangerment or neglect or if it was simply a case of a child wanting to explore outside.

In a situation like the one mentioned, a parent could face charge of child endangerment.

It is up to the responding officers discretion to determine if the child was intentionally put in harms way. Police look for signs of drug or alcohol abuse inside the house, as well as anything else that could show the parent was not doing their job.

Even if police are not able to charge someone with a crime, a parent could still face other consequences.

"Anytime we have a child wandering we do make a report and that is forwarded to CSB and a follow up investigation will happen, as the director said a few days ago the least that would happen is you are going to get some phone calls from CSB," explained TPD's Lieutenant Kevan Toney.

A representative with Children's services said anytime Police hand them a report involving a child, there is the potential for a case to be open and a full investigation to be launched