TOLEDO (WTOL) - It was a big role reversal all to better serve you. Toledo Police Chief George Kral going back to his patrol days and you can follow along with his experience.

It’s not a sight you see every day. Your police chief stepping out of a patrol car, but Friday afternoon that’s exactly what Chief Kral did. He hit the streets for TPD’s social media virtual ride along.

“It’s my job to make them successful not the other way around,” said Toledo Police Chief George Kral. “And if coming out here once every other month and riding around and backing them up helps them understand that I’m all for it.”

His shift started with roll call, a few K9 pets, and then he loaded up and hit his old beat in north Toledo.

Chief said assigning his officers to areas is critically important.

“Beat integrity is actually the term. We try to keep the same officers in the same place for a prolonged period of time so they know, oh that car belongs to that house,” said Chief Kral.

While police cruisers didn’t have this technology when Chief Kral first took the badge, he hopes to continue upgrading his officers vehicles to make their jobs easier. By updating the technology they use, it allows an officer’s car to be their office and spend more time on the streets and less doing paperwork in the office. He says taking on their role will help him better see what is needed for the men and women he represents.

“Being out there, with them, hearing what they’re going through in 16-degree weather it’s going to help me in a decision-making model,” said Chief George Kral.You can follow Chief Kral’s journey on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.