OREGON, OH (WTOL) - If you watch a Cubs home game this year, you may be able to see the hard work of a company in Oregon.

CGS Imaging creates the tarps and graphics for some Major League Baseball teams including the reigning World Series champion Chicago Cubs.

The company created the tarp that will cover historic Wrigley Field.

The team stopped by the production center in Oregon to pick up the new tarp.

"It's not very often you get to work on projects like this. We're getting another chance to do it. We appreciate that. But still Toledo. It's just amazing that something of that size, the Cubs and World Series champions is here. And we get to actually do it," said CGS Imaging spokesperson Zach Stewart. "So our employees hop right up. Today they jumped right up. 'Ok cool. I get to go and be a part of this Cubs thing.'"

The Cubs play their home opener at Wrigley on April 10.