TOLEDO (WTOL) - A new class at Cherry Street Mission will soon be available to help anyone looking to get a higher paying job.

In a partnership with Northwest State Community College, you can get a job certificate in about nine weeks that can get you hired and working right away.

Next Week, Cherry Street Mission will begin hosting a class to train participants in Call Center Customer Service.

The classes will be run by instructors from Northwest State Community College, so participants will receive their official certificate to work.

And for those who are in need of a job, the certificate will show the partner businesses that they will be able to begin working right away.

“There’s incredible expanse right now for this very particular industry. In downtown Toledo and the Greater Toledo area, there’s a couple of locations that are frankly walking distance from Cherry Street’s Life Revitalization Center,” said Max Lambdin, president of Cherry Street Mission Ministries

Call center workers on average start at around $14 an hour.

Offering these courses falls in line with Cherry Street Missions goal to extend the services they offer to the community beyond housing and feeding those in need.

“It’s not enough to provide stability, though that’s important; it’s not enough to just have a place to stay, important; It’s not enough until all of us in the community have a career or a home or a circumstance that we agree with that we believe in,” said Lambdin

To enroll in the program, you can call the Cherry Street Mission at 419-214-6776.