TOLEDO, Ohio — Thursday was a big day for Toledo Public Schools, after receiving a D on their report card from the Ohio Department of Education. It was one grade better than the year before.

One school within TPS has continued to improve each year and uses their grade as motivation to get even better.

That school is Chase Stemm Academy. The school received a B on their report card this year. 

It's something their principal, Jack Hunter, has worked hard for and is proud of because 5 years ago the school's rating was an F.

"We received As in all of our growth areas and we've seen a B rating in our special education," said Chase STEMM Academy Principal, Jack Hunter.

He says they have taken all their resources and put them to good use by focusing attention on what happens in the classrooms.

"You walk in the building and everybody is focused on where are we going to go, what do we already know, where are we going to move from there. And that comes from the educators and the students, so it's energetic," said 7th & 8th grade Math teacher, Claire Calderone.

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Principal Hunter says it's a validation of the practices that they do in the classroom.

His students are proud of their school and the hard work that goes into it as well.

"It feels good because when your grade continuously improves it feels like your doing something right. And I feel like the principal feels like he's doing something right by pushing his kids," said Chase STEMM student, Heaven Mixon.

"It makes me feel really good because I know if I say something they'll take it into account because I feel like they care about me and they care about what I have to say," said student, Julie Chizmar.

The teachers say the school is all about never settling and finding ways to always get better. The principal says his ultimate goal for the school is to either get an A rating or become a blue ribbon school.