SANDUSKY, Ohio — “Cedar Point misses you! We will ride again soon.”

That’s the message on the digital sign that hangs above Cedar Point’s main entrance gate.

While the park was supposed to launch its 150th anniversary season celebration Saturday, May 9, Cedar Point remains closed until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jason McClure, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager, posted a video message Saturday telling fans that plans are fluid right now and continue to change.

“Trust me, we’re just as disappointed as you are,” he said in regards to postponing all of the 150th festivities and attractions until 2021. “Our associates poured endless amounts of time and passion into preparing an anniversary celebration that would be special for our 150th season. In fact, now that we’ve made that decision, they have a renewed energy to prepare a celebration to the scale that it was initially intended next year.”

Although an opening date remains uncertain, McClure said Cedar Point will be back with plans ongoing to welcome guests later this year.

“Cedar Point remains committed to its purpose to make people happy,” he said. “We all need happy a little more than ever now. We’re making plans to do so later this year, welcome our guests as soon as it is safe for them and our associates. Safety will always be Cedar Point’s priority. Little by little we continue to make progress. While we don’t know when – and the how will likely be different – Cedar Point’s brand of happiness will return. Our guests will return to our midways where they’ll enjoy the best collection of thrill rides in the world, enjoy the sights, sounds and smells, and most importantly, make memories with their friends and family.”

If you’re looking for an adrenaline fix, we’ve compiled an entire guide where you can take virtual rides on all of Cedar Point’s roller coasters (and a few other bonus rides) HERE.

“Most importantly, take care of yourselves and your loved ones,” McClure said in his closing remarks. “Be safe. Be healthy. Know that we look forward to hosting you again at Cedar Point.”

Last week, Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman highlighted some safety concepts the company’s parks may implement to open this year, including limiting capacity, virtual queueing at ride lines, cash-less transactions and requiring guests to make a reservation before attending the park.