CCHS football players hit the stage in Glee Club
Rob Gaston and Ian Meacham

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Rob Gaston and Ian Meacham are both starting defensive lineman at Central Catholic. Both are big, bruising, physical guys, but what you don't always see, is how they spend their time away from the football field.

Gaston and Meacham are just two of the guys from the Irish football team that are also members of the Central Catholic Glee Club.

"I get it all, people laugh, people think it's funny," says Meacham. "We had Discovery Days last week and people enjoy it. Coming out after dancing and singing around to give tours to the locker room, people kind of thought it was interesting that I'm mean and angry out here. Then I'm out dancing, smiling, having a good time."

"I wanted to be different. I didn't want to be like everybody else," says Gaston. "When I came here my freshman year, I was like 'I could never do that.' But, I'm a senior now and I feel like that was the perfect fit for me. I love it."

Their talent on the football field certainly translates to their performances. Both guys are up front and center.

"I love to have athletes in my group," says Glee Club Director Debra Barrow. "They're usually pretty coordinated. They can pick up the moves quickly and they like to perform. They're used to being in front of people, so it doesn't bother them. They just have fun with it and it's so great to see them grow musically."

"I want the kids to do as much as they can," says Football Coach Greg Dempsey. "You only get to do high school once. A lot of guys specialize in this and that you should have a full high school experience and that's what these guys are getting."

From Glee Club to the football field, Meacham and Gaston are taking full advantage of their time at Central Catholic.