Candidate Wurzelbacher to promote gas for $1.84 a gallon

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Republican Congressional candidate Sam Wurzelbacher will be special guest at event protesting high gas prices Monday, Nov. 5.

The New American Energy Opportunity Foundation will be hosting an event in Toledo where the first 100 participants will receive up to 15 gallons of gas at what they call the January, 2009 price of $1.84 a gallon.

Wurzelbacher will be pumping gas for participants at the event that takes place from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the True North Shell Station located at 4581 Monroe St, Toledo, OH.

He released the following statement about the event:

"The President and Marcy Kaptur have failed us on energy. They come up with excuse after excuse as to why we cannot tap into our available domestic resources. At the last Congressional debate, Marcy even offered the ridiculous that future generations might want to use those resources too! Well Marcy, right here in the present, working class families are suffering every time they go to the pump and try to make ends meet. No more excuses. We need energy reform today, and I look forward to helping 100 Ohio families access affordable energy on Monday morning."

He is running against Democrat Marcy Kaptur and Libertarian Sean Stipe for a seat in the U.S. House Representatives representing the Ninth Congressional District.