TOLEDO (WTOL) - The conditions along the Maumee River are still very icy after last week's flooding.

Officals at Side Cut Metropark say it will take weeks to clean up.

The Perrysburg side of the river is seeing similar issues.

The hill at the entrance of Buttonwood Park goes straight down and is a sheet of ice right now, especially after this week’s ice storm. Ice chunks are covering the park. In fact, officials can’t even fully determine the damage because they can’t make it all the way back to where the river begins to flow.

They do know the park entrance sign is completely gone and fencing has been damaged. However, it’s still unclear what the parking lot looks like and what repairs will have to be made.

“Obviously, first thing we’re going to have to do is clean up any debris that’s down there and get a sense of what kind of damage there is to the driveway and parking lots so we can even get access. So, we won’t really have a good sense of that until we’re really able to get in and get a look,” said Neil Munger, director of Wood County Parks.

Just like over on the Maumee side of the river, clean up can’t really begin until some of the ice here begins to melt.