TOLEDO (WTOL) - A lesson in building birdhouses helped young boys become men on Saturday.

It was a combined effort between the Professional Remodelers Organization—PRO-- and the group Program, Inc.

The build is part of an ongoing effort to help boys make the right choices to become productive members of our community to succeed in life.

“I see more boys not going to drugs and gangs but being more interested in being men and how to take care of themselves and families through this program,” said Tramain Rayford of Program, Inc.

The focus of the remodelers is to teach the boys how to use simple hand tools to get them interested in the trades.

“I think it’s pretty fun. Pretty fun for me” said Maurice Bates.

Each boy received a tool kit, safety glasses and a bag of goodies from local contractors.

“We’re hurting on our end for people going into the trades trying to find workers. Our goal with this is to try to draw up interest with these guys and get them in our direction,” said Art Swearenger of PRO.

And in the right direction in life.

“The lesson is that if anything you put your mind to you can do it and if you need to re-build anything in your life that you could then you should,” said Tyler Henley.

And a way to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life—one might say—is for the birds.