BRYAN, Ohio — The city of Bryan is remembered one of their own Wednesday night.

Brandon Kreischer, 20, was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan this week.

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"We will honor the life and sacrifice of paratrooper Brandon Kreischer," said Bryan mayor Carrie Schlade.

Kreischer was a 2018 graduate of Bryan High School.

He was a member of the 82 Airborne and was recently deployed to central Afghanistan.

According to AP news, Kreischer and one other paratrooper, were shot and killed two days ago by an Afghani soldier.

The soldier responsible is currently in custody and the Department of Defense is conducting an investigation into the incident.

"I read it on social media and looked at several sources just to confirm, and called my coworker right away and said you need to sit down, you're not going to believe this," said one of Brandon's high school teachers Amy Johnson.

Brandon's body was returned to the United States Wednesday morning to Dover Air Force base in Delaware, according to Facebook posts. His immediate family is traveling retrieve his body.

Wednesday, the city of Bryan officially honored Brandon by asking to have all flags flown at half staff.

Governor Mike Dewine has also proclaimed that now all flags in Williams County and other flags in the state capital will fly at half staff until Brandon's internment.

"He was a good kid. Respectful and really easy to talk to as a student to an adult. So, we're just in shock that this young man is gone so soon," said Johnson.

The city of Bryan said they will be offering their services if needed in any capacity for Brandon's family leading up to the upcoming funeral. 

During a joint press conference with the city, Bryan City School officials remembered the recent graduate.

Director of Secondary Education Mark Railigh read a passage written by Kreischer, from the 2018 Senior Memory book at the press conference saying,

"Throughout my life, I have had one huge goal; that was to enlist in the army as an infantryman. And I achieved that goal, on April 25th, 2017. It was without a doubt the proudest day of my life."

Teachers and staff of Bryan High School, where Brandon graduated in 2018, remember the young man as an athlete in football, wrestling and track, and as a member of the high school's show choir and acapella group.

But more than anything, they remember his laser focus on his goal of joining the armed forces. 

"Even as a Junior, he knew that his passion was military. And his senior year, he was so ready to go and fight," said Amy Johnson.

The school district said they plan on honoring Brandon in some way during the upcoming school year, but for now, they are reaching out to help his family in anyway they can.

And in Brandon's own words : We shouldn't be mourning a lost life, but rather celebrating the life of a patriot and civil servant.

"I am a patriot. If I die in the combat zone for America, I do not call it a tragedy; I call it glory," wrote Kreischer.

The school district said they are making their counselors available to any current student preparing to return to school in about a month as many of them, while underclassmen, knew Brandon when he graduated.