PORT CLINTON, Ohio — About two months ago, the City of Port Clinton had to declare a state of emergency and shut down their public beach because of erosion.

But enough work has been done to get some beach goers a place to relax.

Going into the Fourth of July weekend, the administration of the city of Port Clinton are thrilled to see this sight, visitors enjoying the beach along the Lake Erie shore.

Seven weeks ago, high water levels in the lake had eroded the shoreline so much that the city was forced to close their beach.

Now, all day long, more and more people continue to flock to the portions of the beach that have been partially restored.

Including many visitors this weekend who traveled in for the Holiday.

"We wanted a family vacation, we have seven grand-children and they said 'Mom, we like the water but we can't afford to fly, where can we go?' " said Bonnie McQueen whose family was visiting from Frazeysburg, Ohio

Although, from a technical standpoint, the Port Clinton city beach is still closed due to legal issues and safety regulations. 

But, because of the efforts to donate sand west of the city's beach, this portion of the lake shore is open to beach-goers.

The Port Clinton City Beach is a licensed bathing beach through the Department of health. 

And with parts of the beach still damaged, and a exposed conduit, the entire beach can't be insured.

"The portions that are open are along the shore line that aren't part of that beach, and people are obviously welcome to use. We're in active conversation with  the health department and monitoring water quality and things like that," said Olen Martin, Safety/Service director for the city of Port Clinton.

The city is awaiting subsurface testing and assessments for their entire shoreline before implementing their final restoration plan.