TOLEDO -- With two unions locked out and possibly more coming, union leaders are calling for a boycott of The Toledo Blade. So have subscribers responded?

Over coffee, David Musgrave reads The Blade every morning. With the paper's labor dispute, he says lines are drawn and he knows exactly where he falls.

"I'm with union people," says Musgrave.

Toledo is home to thousands of union members. President of AFSME Local 7, Don Czerniak, has already backed his fellow union members at The Blade.

"It wasn't in my driveway this morning, so I'm assuming I've cancelled it," says Czerniak.

And he's not alone. He says The Blade can expect more unsold papers because he says hundreds, possibly thousands, of people will cancel subscriptions because of union ties.

"I've already talked to my mom and dad. They've cancelled theirs. I've got brothers and sisters, they're cancelling theirs. The downfall effects, it's not just union members. You've got households that are going to stick beside you also," says Czerniak.

Blade management says so far, the cancellations have been minimal and they stand by their decision to lockout union members, even with the potential of union supporters pulling subscriptions. They also hope readers like David, a union supporter, will keep on reading, even with the lockout.