Adrian College helping lower the financial burden on their students

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - Adrian College has pioneered a financial program that is making life a whole lot easier for freshman or transfer students.

A huge attraction for students at Adrian College is the beautiful campus but Adrian College President Dr. Jeffery Docking says another big draw for the students this year is a financial guarantee.

"Every freshman who enters this year and every year after, a guaranteed job of $37,000 a year or more," said Docking. "Or some or all of their student loans will be covered."

This is something that is unheard of for a place of higher learning but Adrian College is paving the way for something other colleges and universities nationally will be keeping a close eye on. Docking says this $37,000 guarantee is making the college dream a reality for more students.

"Families are legitimately concerned about student loans, we understand that," said Docking. "We have said to these families 'you don't need to worry about student loans if your kid goes to Adrian College, because we're going to take care of it with this guarantee.'"

Adrian College is a small private school with around 3,100 students.  Just recently the college has experienced a big bump in enrollment with this guarantee known as Adrian Plus. Adrian freshman Marissa Markovich says it was an easy sell for her when deciding on which college she wanted to attend.

"It's great," said Markovich. "It just gives you something in the back of your mind to know that in a few years when you already have this huge debt load, you'll have some help repaying that back."

This is the first year the college has implemented this program. College President Dr. Docking says they plan on doing this $37,000 guarantee indefinitely.

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