A Tiffin parent is outraged with the way a bus driver punished students
A Tiffin parent is outraged with the way a bus driver punished students

TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Tiffin mom says ithappened Tuesday afternoon on the ride home from school when students were notallowed to put the windows down and were subjected to extreme heat.

Jodi Roszman's 4thgrade son came home Tuesday drenched in sweat and feeling ill.

"He was drenching wet with sweat," said Roszman. "His whole head was wet with sweat dripping down his face and he just said he was very hot and overheated."

When she asked him why he was so hot he told his mom the bus driver would not let them put the windows down as a punishment for not putting them back up the day before. She says that should never be a form of punishment, especially because Sam has a brain stem tumor and extreme heat can cause negative side effects for him.

"He becomes overheated very easily," said Roszman. "He can become nauseated, he can get migraines."

His mother notifiedthe Tiffin School District and the superintendent says an investigation isunderway. The superintendent also says that bus driver is still on the job right nowbecause she did not break any rules.

Roszman says shestill wants to see the driver disciplined.

"She should besuspended," said Roszman. "She should be held accountable for her actions in some sort ofmanner."

Until that happensthe Roszman parents say they are driving their son to school.

"It's frustrating," said Roszman. "It's very upsetting and it just breaks my heart to seemy son come in drenched like that from something that should not havehappened."

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