The Toledo Area Humane Society is looking for answers after a dozen rabbits were found abandoned at Swan Creek Metropark on Wednesday.

The rabbits were huddled together, starving and fearful for their lives.

TAHS wants to know who did this to the domesticated rabbits, who were never meant to live in the wild,  and would not be alive if a ranger hadn't seen them.

The Humane Society wants to get the word out so they can hopefully be adopted.

"We are always available to take pocket pets at the Humane Society so please before you ever dump a rabbit into the wild please know that domestic rabbits in the wild, they will not survive and ultimately perish," said Abby Hill of the Toledo Area Humane Society.

If you or someone you know has information regarding who could be involved in this, you're asked to contact the Humane Society's cruelty department at 419-891-9777.