MONROE COUNTY, MI (WTOL) - The Monroe News reports that a second person has died after a house fire in Monroe Township.

The Tuesday fire initially left one teen dead and sent three other family members to a hospital.

The grandfather, Ruben Castorena, 70, later died.

Alex Johnson, 17, was a student in the Monroe High School special education classroom. Tragically, he lost his life in the devastating house fire.

A Monroe County coroner reports that Johnson died of smoke and soot inhalations. His death has been ruled accidental.

According to a press release from the Monroe County sheriff,  Alex's mother, Monica Castorena, called 911 just after 1 a.m. when her family evacuated their home as smoke began billowing inside.

"Dispatcher - Is everybody out of the house?"

Monica - No! My son is in the house!"

Neighbors also called 911 as they tried to make sense of the chaotic scene.

"Dispatcher - Do you see flames? Neighbor- No. It's a fire on the outside of the house."

As the flames grew, the family became frantic, knowing that Alex was still inside.

"Dispatcher - Where in the house was he?

"Monica - he was upstairs coming *indistinguishable* he had my hand and then he let go."

Alex's grandfather, Ruben Castorena, received serious burns from the flames.

The 911 dispatcher implored the family that they had to make the impossible decision of not going back into the flames after Alex.

"Dispatcher - Monica, this is very important, do not let them go back in the house."

"Monica - OK."

"Dispatcher - Let the fire department and the police officers go back in to look for him."

The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

Officials say the home will need to be demolished, because it is partially collapsed.