TOLEDO (WTOL) - Assistant junior librarian Deontre Martin may only be 8, but when he makes announcements, the other kids at the Locke branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library listen.

Deontre was motivated since he’s there every day after school.

“I had nothing to do, so I just asked how can I help?” Martin said.

That simple question turned into a passion, and then an official title.

”Well, because he helps us so much, we gave him the title of assistant junior librarian, and we made a little tag for him to wear so everyone knows he’s official,” said Youth Services librarian Rebecca Roberts.

Now, Martin is catching the attention of other students who want to help too.

“They say, ‘Can you teach me how to be a librarian?’” Martin said.

He says he likes the job so much because he loves to read and someday he wants to be an official librarian in Toledo. So, everything he learns now is good practice for the future.