SWANTON, OH (WTOL) - An exclusive event was held in Swanton on Friday night for kids who are the victims of being badly bullied.

You may remember the story of 7-year-old Addison Sharp, a do-gooder little girl from Delta who helps clean up cemeteries.

Addison's efforts have now expanded.

She and her family are working together to help more people.

For this event, they carefully selected kids from 5 different school districts to find those who deserved to enjoy this activity based on inclusion.

Many of the kids were nominated through the Fulton County Community Watch.

The outreach is spreading, they're now helping those in Michigan as well.

Jennifer Sharp is Addison's mom.

She and her husband, Shaun are very proud of their kids.

"They're all having fun, and that's the whole point of it, you know, bringing all the bullied kids, left out kids together, and they're all one. You know, making new friendships and feeling good about themselves, that's what it's all about," said Jennifer.

The Sharp family has now started a non-profit called the Acts of Kindness group.

Friday night's bowling party was free to those who attended. The 3 Sharp siblings raised enough money to sponsor 50 local kids to join in and become a part of their group.

"So we went around here like a few times. We gave people sponsorships, we got money for everyone to come here and bowl," explained Addison.

Some of the kids haven't had the opportunity to participate in events like this before. Despite never picking up a bowling ball before, being there was surely a confidence builder.

Andy Etten is a classmate of Addison's, who she recognized as someone that should definitely be here tonight for his first bowling experience.

"I think I'm the best because I got a strike once and I've got one left," said Etten.

Reisa Laws also goes to school with Addison, and rode here with the Sharp's tonight. She has been bowling before, but being a part of this group is a great new opportunity for her.

"Addison invited me," said Reisa, "and it's a lot of fun!"

The Acts of Kindness group plans to continue to grow their efforts in the future.

"Any way that the group can get together and the kids can get together just to give back, anything, you know, from helping somebody to maybe even just giving a ride to an elderly, it doesn't matter, it's giving back," said Jennifer.