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40 students compete 24-hour hack-a-thon

ToledoHacks held its first ever high school hackathon at the Toledo School for the Arts.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - ToledoHacks held its first ever high school hack-a-thon at the Toledo School for the Arts. The hackathon began Saturday at noon and ran till noon on

About 40 students from 7th grade to freshmen in college got together for a 24-hour competition to test their skills in coding.

"So basically everyone comes with their own laptops and they each basically build their own website or program on their computer from scratch then compete with other people to see who has a cooler program," said Adam Kuhn the CMO of the event.

The students competed for awards for the most creative programs.

Projects ranged from encrypting messages into images using Java, to an online homework manager.

The homework manager was created by Eddie Rodriguez, a 7th grader form West Side Montessori. Rodriguez has been doing coding for about four years and wanted to make this homework planner to help students organize the work load they receive on a daily basis.

"It's a homework planner so you enter your assignments and it orders them in which order you should do them so you can increase productivity. So you  don't want to work on an assignment 5 weeks from now that takes 5 hours but you'd rather work on something due tomorrow that only takes about 15 minutes," Rodriguez said.

You can see all the inventions created at the Hackathon here.

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