TOLEDO (WTOL) - Do you have a main road near you that could use a little TLC?

The city is already looking toward future construction projects to improve our streets. Road projects are always met with mixed reactions.

It's great once the project is completed, but while it's being worked on, business and production can be hindered.

Next summer, 2020, Summit Street is going to see yet another set of enhancements from LaGrange to Chestnut.

Longtime business resident, Michael Duket is looking forward to extending the downtown charm northward.

“We’ve been here for 20 years now, and we were hoping that all of this would happen before, long before, earlier, but it’s been fine. We love it, I love it," he said.

Nearby Greg’s Grill Downtown has recently expanded to the area and already seen hindrances from last summer’s roadwork.

“Even a lot of times I’ve had to go and argue with construction workers and move cones to unblock my driveway to my parking lot," Owner, Greg Haynes said.

On top of the Summit enhancements, here’s a look at what else is planned: The City plans to reconstruct Douglas Road from Laskey to Alexis, York Street through East Toledo from Front Street to Oregon and Central Avenue from Brigham to Buckeye.

They’re also looking to resurface Alexis Road from Jackman to Flanders, Lagrange Street from Utica to Oakland and Bancroft Street from I-475 to Holland-Sylvania.

That project, while listed as part of the 2020 plans, is set to begin even sooner.

“That’s going to end up being the detour route when Dorr Street interchange goes in and Dorr Street has to be detoured, so we’re trying to get that resurfaced ahead of time so the road will be in good enough condition to be used for the detour," City of Toledo Administrator of Engineering Services, Doug Stephens explained.

The cost of these projects is expected to come in at $18,500,000.