SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Sylvania City Council is used to hearing proposals, but on Wednesday’s council meeting it wasn’t what they heard but rather who they heard it from that shocked them.

First graders Brendan Tussing and Madison Tucker proposed to city council that the sidewalk at the corner of Sylvania Metamora Road and Centennial Road go further down the road.

Right now, they are not allowed to walk or ride their bikes to Mayberry Square for ice cream because there is no sidewalk on a large portion of their way.

“We think we should have a side walk from Mayberry to the gas station” Tussing said.

Then, he went on to describe what it was like presenting to council. “I didn’t type in anything I just kept practicing it on my dad’s phone right before!” he said.

The kid’s teacher, Jennifer Briggs, helped Tussing and Tucker along with her other students with the proposal.

Although this was not a part of a school project, Briggs said the experience will help the children realize the importance of being involved in their community.

“As an educator I saw this as a great opportunity, as an experience, for them to see what it’s like and how you can get things done. Instead of just complaining about something, actually get out there and see how you can do something about it” Briggs said.

Briggs said she believes council will take the steps to ensure the job gets done, while Brendan is already planning his next proposal to the city.

“Like you know problems where we should have more fire stations around here!” Tussing said.