BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - An annual open house at Bowling Green State University brought in about 1,500 prospective students and their families on an ideal President's Day.

Buses were pulling up all day on campus at BGSU as high school seniors and their parents moved from building to building, absorbing all they can about majors, financial aid and residence hall life.

The Exhibitor area in the student union was one of the busiest places. There prospective students received information on classes and the times they can visit certain departments.

About 80 percent of the seniors who visited campus have already been admitted to BGSU.

Still the experience of being on campus makes it real.

"You get to see the campus. You start to get to know where things are," said Maumee senior Jacquelyn Sweet. "We actually got to sit in on a class so I got to see how that's gonna be."

Cecilia Castellano, Vice Provost for Enrollment Planning, said this is an important step to making incoming freshmen feel comfortable on-campus.

"When you actually come to campus, you really get a sense of, 'Do I fit in? How do I feel? Does it feel like home? How was I treated,'" Castellano said. "And We find that once students visit, they're likely to enroll. So we're thrilled to have such a large crowd here today."

Enrollment was up more than three percent at BGSU for the spring semester, and the school expects another increase for the fall.