New research shows Toledo ranks No. 1 out of 121 large metro areas for jobs accessible to workers without a bachelor's degree.

The study, written by the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland and Philadelphia, shows that among the metro areas analyzed, the "opportunity employment" share ranges from a high of 34.0 percent in Toledo to a low of 14.6 percent in Washington, D.C.

The report defines "opportunity employment" as jobs accessible to workers who don't have a bachelor's degree and generally pay above the national annual median wage of $37,690. 

The full report is available here: 

Factoring into the report were regional price levels, which had a greater impact on the local opportunity employment share than did either the types of jobs available in the regional economy or the educational attainment requested by employers. 

Metro areas with highest, lowest opportunity employment shares
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Some of the largest opportunity occupations, including a number in health care and the skilled trades, could experience above average growth through 2026 and are not considered to be at significant risk of automation, while the reverse is true for some occupations in office and administrative support.

The top 10 opportunity employment jobs ranked for 2017 were:

1. Assemblers and fabricators (annual median wage: $39,400; opportunity employment: 7,900)

2. Registered nurses (annual median wage: $62,600; opportunity employment 5,000)

3. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers (annual median wage: $38,600; opportunity employment 5,000)

4. Secretaries and administrative assistants  (annual median wage: $34,800; opportunity employment 3,600)

5. Machinists  (annual median wage: $55,900; opportunity employment 2,900)

6. Maintenance and repair workers  (annual median wage: $39,600; opportunity employment 2,900)

7. Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses  (annual median wage: $44,800; opportunity employment 2,000)

8. Bookkeeping, auditing and accounting clerks  (annual median wage: $37,400; opportunity employment 1,900)

9. Construction laborers  (annual median wage: $35,800; opportunity employment 1,800)

10. Helpers - production workers (annual median wage: 34,400; opportunity employment 1,800)