(WTOL) - Our parents always said that we could be anything we wanted to be when we grow up.

So, what if you want to be a burrito?

Burrito blankets are already available for adults who are looking to follow their dreams, but what if you want your baby to also look like Chipotle’s latest delicious creation?

Enter the Tortilla Baby!

Sold on Uncommon Goods, you can swaddle your baby in a tortilla blanket and top off the look with a matching cap to blow any of Taco Bell’s burritos out of the guacamole.

The site says the blanket and hat are made of a cotton-polyester blend and is a breathable fabric so your little bundle of joy doesn’t feel like a Hot Head Burrito.

But you’ll have to wait a little bit to get an order of tortilla with your baby; the popular set is back-ordered until May.