TOLEDO, Ohio — It seems like credit card technology keeps getting better to keep your money safe; then the bad guys figure out a way to beat it.

Plastic is the American way, right? It seems like every bank and store has their own credit or debit cards, making it easier for you to spend your money.

Don’t use your debit cards for online buying. It’s too easy to steal and have access to your bank account. The same goes for hotel rooms or car rentals, where they’ll use the card for a hold. In these cases, it is simpler to just use the credit card. Using your credit rather than debit card makes it harder for scammers to get a hold of your account.

Then there are skimmers; a device put into ATMs to steal your money. Look for chipped paint on the reader, or tape for a skimming device.

“The skimming device...where that information is gathered on that device is actually from the magnetic strip on the back of your debit card," Jeff Carevic of PNC Bank said.

“The thing about gas stations is that skimmers are more prevalent because it’s so easy. People come and go all day long if you want to put a device in here it’s going to be very easy. Who’d know the difference?” Carevic said.

Shimmers steal from the chip reader, scanning account numbers. Just when technology shuts it down, they find a new way to steal.

“Thieves are always going to try and capture information that’s on any kind of electronic device, so I think it’s best you’re aware that they do exist. I always recommend always, always look at your statement because then you’re sure if there’s a charge on your account you didn’t do you can contact the bank, Carevic said.

 One other tip for you: When getting cash from an ATM, shield your hand punching in your pin numbers. There might be a camera on you.