TOLEDO (WTOL) - Everyone looks forward to retirement, but that question always lingers: can I afford to live on my savings?

There are two phases of retirement—having a plan for retirement, so the money will last and how to pay for medical care, independent care or nursing homes.

It would be great to not have to work, as long as your golden years are comfortable financially.

Can you take a vacation? How do you handle social security or Medicare?

Sarah Bucher from Citizen Advisory Group in Perrysburg says too many people just don’t have a plan to build a nest egg.

“I think not saving enough... thinking they have enough to retire and do all the things they thought they’d be able to do or not planning in enough of time so planning too late when you start thinking of retiring," Bucher said.

Then there’s the problem of nursing homes and rehab facilities. The price tag is frightening.

Cathy Tippenhauer from CarePatrol helps people make good decisions for what their needs are based on what’s out there.

“People don’t know the types of place they’re looking at, ‘Who pays for what? Insurance pays for this, I gotta pay for this. What if I run out of money? What am I gonna do then?’ So, there’s so much education that needs to happen," she said.

There’s a seminar next Saturday, March 16 called Retirement RoadMap. It’s at St. Luke’s Hospital and goes from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. The cost is just $10 per person.

The program covers everything from estate planning, social security, Medicare planning, moving and downsizing, home care and more.