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Stretching Your Dollar: Saving electricity during the summer months

As we get deeper into "air conditioning season," we worry about electricity cost. Toledo Edison has a few tips to save power and money.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Edison sent out in the mail the Home Energy Report, which breaks down your energy use. This is a useful tool to do better and save energy and money. 

Chris Eck from First Energy, parent company for Toledo Edison, stopped by my house to show me first hand how I can save money on my bill. 

My Home Energy Report rated me as "good" on overall usage. It makes sense, I've using less electricity than last year but then again, it hasn't been that hot yet. 

Compared to my neighbors, I'm not classified as "energy efficient" although I'm better than average. 

"Occasionally folks are a little unhappy when they’re on the high end to justify their usage but it’s not a competition. We are not telling you you have to cut your usage if you don’t want to. You might live in a larger home, there are reasons why maybe you use more power and we understand that too,” Eck said. 

A few tips are: 

- You can switch out the incandescent lighting for LEDs. 

- A newer fridge will cut costs, but what to do with the old one you still use?

“Sometimes the old fridge winds up in your basement. The old ones run and they’re energy inefficient and have a lot of draw in there. So we see if you can take these out of the home, we’ll give you $50 rebate. We’ll come out and recycle it properly, it has to be running when you bring it in,” Eck said. 

- Winter or summer, make sure you keep the filter clean. Your furnace has to work harder to push air through if it’s dirty. 

Additionally, for $3 a month you can buy exterior line protection. If you have an older home with power lines outside, you may get whacked with a huge bill if something tears down in a storm. 

However, if you have a newer home and underground wires, it's not worth it.