TOLEDO (WTOL) - Whether it’s groceries, clothes or home improvement, all of us are looking for ways to save money in stores.

Seven years ago, Latisha Williams wanted to learn the way of “couponing." She Googled it and met some people who showed her the way.

Now, she’s known as the Frugalicious Diva.

Williams spoke to a group of people at a Toledo Lucas County Library branch on the art of couponing. She said she’s happy to share some of her tips with other shoppers: learn the rules, find store sales and use coupons to save money.

“Being a couponer is reading what a coupon says, getting what the product is and actually having an idea in what to look for in sales. Use coupons on top of the sales. Clearance — looking for clearance — don’t be afraid to use coupons for clearance because they’re also available,” Williams said.

Digital coupons are best. You don’t have to clip anything, they’re right on your phone. Just Google coupon database.

“Almost everybody has some type of coupon in a sale. If you love a product or a store contact them, let them know, especially on social media, they will send you some type of thank you usually in the form of a coupon or discount code," Williams said. "There are websites which you can find codes especially if you do a lot of online shopping: and it’s on an app as well. You can find discounts for anything!”

Again, the best advice from the Frugalicious Diva is to find a sale and save bigger money with your coupons.