TOLEDO, Ohio — Are you looking to sell your home? The timing has never been better! 

It’s a seller’s market right now.

As a reminder, the top end homes have fewer buyers — around $500,000 and up. However, everything else is keeping the real estate agents busy around the metro area. They sell quicker and they get close to asking price!

“I had a condo in Sylvania modestly priced at $179,000. We had seven offers in a day!" Danberry representative Craig Rush said.

Rush has been in the game a long time. He said that thanks to interest rates staying low, January through May this year has been terrific.

“It’s just more fast paced. In the certain price range if a home is priced right for the market and the home’s in good condition it’ll sell in a week," Rush said.

The problem is, there are more buyers than homes for sale. 

So, let’s say you do sell your house: where do you go?  It’s one of those rare occasions where you might try buying a house same time. It’s scary. It’s a gamble.

“Again, if you are listing your home at the right price, it will sell — I would think within 30 days anyways.  Any house you are buying will take 30 days to finance. If it all works out, you can have back-to-back closing,” Rush said.

One more quick tip if you are selling your home: Rush said that updating your kitchen and bathrooms help attract buyers.  Dated kitchens and bathrooms are a turnoff.