TOLEDO (WTOL) - If you need some home remodeling or repairs, one thing you can do is simply google “Contractors in Toledo.” Names and phone numbers from a variety of sources will appear, but that’s just the beginning.

Catalina Construction is a company that was started two years ago by Jason Burns and Cody Dazley.

At first, they just owned a truck and a saw, but they’ve expanded their remodeling business to home construction and have added on employees.

The got their name out there on Home Advisor which is a national web company that received a cut of the action. But as Catalina has become established, they’ve gone from getting 90 percent of the business from Home Advistor to 10 percent.

“Home Advisor is best because their reviewers you can see jobs people have done before and I mean at one point we were number one rated in Toledo. If you keep up on that, it shows dedication from a construction point of view. You want a contractor who’s dedicated and will put the time and effort into ratings. Keep the customer happy," explained Dazley.

Anyone who needs a professional in home remodeling should do their research by calling more than on contractor and check work history.

It’s also important to ask if they’re insured. A lot of people assume that they are, but that’s not always the case.

And also, have a clear vision for what you want.

“Have a budget in mind. You can get information online, talk to someone who’s done kitchen projects and you know it’s between here and here. Having that number, have an idea ‘I like this, I don’t like that,’ certain contractors will take that and run with it. You need this. Then a lot of times we’ll come in and finish their work when they’re done taking your money and are gone and half of what they’ve done is not what you wanted," Burns said.

Remember, Home Advisor and Angie’s list all have reviews to check out for a contractor. Most companies have their own website you can get a phone number.