TOLEDO (WTOL) - Hundreds of dollars go unclaimed on a device you use every day; using your cell phone can help you shop and add money to your wallet.

By this time next week, all of that last minute shopping needs to be finished.

If you’re still working on getting the last of those gifts, or for those who haven’t even started yet, we’ve got good news for you!

We have a few ways you can save, or even cash in, while buying those last minute presents.

A new survey from T. Rowe Price found that 37 percent of parents with children between 8-14 years old are willing to go into their savings accounts to cover presents and 62 percent of parents say they’ve overspent during the holidays.

That doesn’t need to be you, and you don’t have to clip coupons to save!

There are websites, extensions and apps to help keep those holiday bills down.

Nationally recognized coupon expert, Joni Meyer-Crothers shared some digital savings options with us that anyone can and should use.

This first option you can use in store or online.

“You can go onto your phone onto RetailMeNot, click on the store where you’re at, and it will pull up all the coupons that are available. So there might be a 20 percent off, there might be a 50 percent off, there might be a $10 off $50 purchase, and then it will come up with the bar code, and when you checkout, you just hand them your phone, they scan it and you get the money off," Meyer-Crothers said.

RetailMeNot can be downloaded as an app, or can be used online.

For a similar effect with online shopping, you can download an extension in Google Chrome, called Honey that does the work for you.

“It’s going to show you what coupons are available, and it’s going to give you the best coupon so when you go to check out, they already are going to apply the coupon for you. So again, it’s a no brainer,” said Meyer-Crothers.

Our coupon expert has a third option for money back if you’re shopping online.

If you go through EBATES, you can choose the store you want to online shop at and it will tell you what percentage you’ll get back once you click through to that site and complete your purchase.

In this example, we clicked through to Macy’s website.

“You’re still going to the same website, what it’s doing is just tracking what your purchase is. So then you’ll just order all your stuff, it tracks and whatever you spent it gives you six percent back,” Meyer-Crothers said.

How do you get the money back?

“Every three months they send you a check. So you can either get a check or get it through PayPal,” she said. “Even if you just save a little bit and you add that up over the year’s time, you can easily save $500-$1,000.