TOLEDO, Ohio — Plane tickets are expensive when you're traveling for the holidays, especially if you include the kids.

Your travel bill could easily surpass $1,000!

But don't worry, there's a way to save some money on holiday flights, but you have to act fast.

AAA says Sept. 25 is the start of the best time of year to book holiday flights.

"We're still in that window right now. Typically, people book 28 to 60 days prior to holidays, so there's still good availability out there. There's still some good pricing," explained Cindy Russeau of AAA.

The average price of a flight during this time window is $551. A majority of people, however, will book their flights between October 26 and November 27, costing an average of $561. 

You can always wait to book your flight seven to 13 days prior to departure for an average price of $488. However, there's a possibility the flight you want could be booked already or availability could be limited.

AAA also says the best day to fly during Thanksgiving is on November 25th. 

The best day to fly on Christmas is December 24th.