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Stretching Your Dollar: Save money and time on lawn care

A local business owners shares tips to keep your lawn in looking great.

Spring is here; and over the next few weeks many of us will spend time—and money—getting our lawns and landscaping in shape. 

Getting your own equipment and supplies can be expensive. Lawn mower’s alone go for about $300 and up.

Matt Jaworski knows how to treat a lawn. He’s run a small business for three years cutting the grass. 

Doing all the edging makes for a clean appearance, and most companies charge between $40 and $55.

“Everybody’s personal time is valuable. We find working five days a week, 9 to 5...we don’t want to spend all our time on weekends in the lawn and landscaping beds when you could hire somebody like myself. We’re in and out in one day when it’d take many weekends,” Jaworski said.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, Jaworski has another tip in the fight against crabgrass: get your treatment down. 

“Now, and starting a month ago, you want to get your crabgrass preventer down. Starting April 1 through the end of April is best to put crabgrass preventer down," Jaworski said.

One more tip from Jaworski: when summer comes and your grass gets thirsty, run the sprinklers 30 minutes a week in each spot, maybe more around the flowers.