TOLEDO, Ohio — Odds are good that along with most Americans, you'll be swiping that credit card or punching in card numbers online later this week and on Cyber Monday. 

Fifth Third Bank shares eight ways to protect your money.

  1. Sign up for alerts. "So that you can get notifications when your debit card it used or if you hit a threshold for a certain amount. So if you set it for 100 and you go below that, you'll get a notification that it went below that amount, so you can just manage your money a little bit better," says Anna Kolin with Fifth Third Bank.
  2. Use your banking app rather than a browser. It offers an extra layer of security.
  3. Report your card quickly if it goes missing. You can do that on your bank's app. If you don't have the app, save the phone number to call in your contact list. 
  4. Go cardless. Fifth Third Bank and other banks have an ATM feature for you get cash without your card.
  5. Easily purchase gifts together. You can use services like Venmo do quickly and easily make online purchases. 
  6. Use credit instead of debit while shopping online. Credit cards better protect against fraud. 
  7. Let your bank know if you are traveling so a purchase made out of the area won't get flagged as fraudulent. 
  8. Be careful while out and about. Don't leave your wallet or purse in your car where it's visible to thieves and cover any packages. 

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