Nathan's Reversible Griddle & Grill: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

BURFORDVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Julie Rush agrees to try Nathan's Reversible Stovetop Griddle and Grill for this 'Does it Work?' test. She says she's going to try pancakes and bacon.

Julie puts the griddle on the stovetop and says the true test will be seeing if the center of the griddle actually cooks anything since the burner isn't directly beneath it.

When it's time to flip, she's impressed with the how the bacon cooks on the back burner of the griddle. In fact, both the pancakes and bacon cooked perfectly, and it didn't take long. Her daughter gave them a taste test and said both tasted great.

The next part of the test is to see how the griddle and grill cleans up. A good design feature is the little tray on the side where the grease easily collects. The rest easily wipes up.

The griddle portion of the griddle and grill impresses Julie overall.

Part two of the test is the grill side of the appliance. Julie wants to see if grilling hamburgers is better than on her George Foreman grill.

"Wow, it's got the griddle marks showing up on the meat." The test starts off great, but she wants to see how long the burgers take to cook. The directions say you cannot place the stovetop heat on high for fear of damage to the grill and/or your stovetop. She uses medium-high heat.

While the burgers cook, Julie says she's very impressed and would consider trading her big bulky griddle for this cheaper model. "I'd use it over my griddle and over my George Foreman grill. The clean-up is a lot easier."

It turns out, the hamburgers take the same amount of time as on the Foreman grill. All the burgers are cooked evenly, even the patties that weren't in direct heat.

Julie gives it an 'A' because the reversible griddle and grill is easy to use, cooks well and is easy to clean. The only reason it didn't get an A+ is because the appliance cannot be used on all stovetops. No glass tops are allowed and it can only be used on even surfaces.

Nathan's Reversible Stovetop Grill and Griddle is available for $15 at department and discount stores.