MAUMEE, Ohio — The weekend is coming and you may have plans to do some shopping. As the trade war continues, local businesses say the effects are already being felt.

Ken Mulkey of Perrysburg just made some big appliance purchases at the Appliance Center in Maumee. 

"We walked out with a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher," said Mulkey.

Mulkey says he's saving money by bundling the appliances. He also heard tariffs could impact prices. 

"We're gonna pay more, but we're taxing them and they're taxing us," Mulkey said.

Ken Wanemacher is the general manager of Appliance Center. He said the message from manufacturers is "brace for impact." Prices are going up. "Twenty-five percent on wholesale could equate to 40 percent for the customer," says Wanemacher.

He also said Appliance Center bought up a lot of inventory before the tariffs began, so it can still offer pre-tariff prices to customers. 

Wanemacher says appliances will get hit hardest, so if you're in the market for a new washing machine or fridge, "our encouragement is to buy now, that way you can avoid any potential tariffs. Again, we have a tremendous amount of inventory that we bought pre-tariff, so we can pass that savings along, but once we go through that inventory, it's tariff time."

Wanemacher warns just because you see a sticker that says "built with pride" or "made in America," those products may not escape higher prices due to the tariffs.

"We have a lot of American manufacturers here. Whirlpool is a good example of that," Wanemacher said. "GE is a good example of that, but even some American manufacturers may be using steel that's imported from China or other countries, so they could potentially be affected by tariffs as well."

We put in a call to Walmart and Best Buy as well to see if prices are going up yet. We haven't heard back.