Does It Work Toy Testers #3: Kitchen sets and more

(Toledo News Now) - Off to Discovery Playhouse we go to discover what a set of cousins, ranging in age from 2 to 10, have to say about the seven newest kitchen gadgets. The LeGrand, Dittmer and Seyer kids are servin' up some real reviews in this playtime.

We're making chocolate cookies that don't crumble. Kid Kraft's Wooden Espresso Set offers playtime that lasts a long time with this wooden set. It's a treat for the kids and Playhouse Director Pansy Glenn says the $30 toy might be worth it for longlasting play. She gives it a 'B.'

Our next batch of cookies is softer, made out of felt. Melissa and Doug offer 30 felt pieces you can mix and match to give your pretend cookies all kinds of flavor. Glenn said the $15 set is a real deal with different ways to pretend each time you play. Melissa and Doug's Felt Cookie Set earns an easy 'A.'

Let's keep rolling out the desserts. This time, we try Melissa and Doug's Wooden Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set. The tubes of icing are actually dry erase markers. You simply wipe off your design each time you play.

Just like in real cooking, this is also a little messy when the icing doesn't stay on the cupcakes. Still, it's the "icing on the cake" with our testers.

"The kids really like coloring on the cupcakes. I think it's cool. It's dry-erase and not harmful," explains Glenn.

Glenn says the $20 set keeps kids entertained from toddlers to preteens. She also took away the markers to cut down on the mess and said the kids liked the toy just as much. It's still just as popular and earns an 'B.'

Here's what's popping on the other side of the table: Kid Kraft's $24 Wooden Toaster. With its pull-apart butter you Velcro on the bread, plus its durability, Glenn says you might add it to your tiny kitchen.

"The kids love popping out the toast and buttering it. It repeatedly got the most play," says Glenn.

We give this top toy an 'A.'

Here's what's losing some luster, at least in this busy play area: Primary Science's Mix and Measure Set. It's like the real thing, so to entertain kids, you'll need to give them something to actually pour and measure.

"The kids don't really get what to do with the measuring cups and spoons," says Glenn.

The set does offer activity cards, bringing in extra math and science to your baking. Glenn says this could be good for older kids who enjoy cooking, although it's pricey for little play at $25. We give it a 'C.'

Now, for the final treat, the hottest new kitchen set this season: Fisher Price's $80 Servin' Surprises Table.

"That table is cool. Kids can host their own dinner party," said one of the testers.

However, Glenn said it turns out any old table might do. The kids enjoyed the sound effects the interactive table made, but they weren't mesmerized by it. Plus, Glenn said the oven door never stayed shut. She thinks the price is too expensive when a standard table would make the kids just as happy.

We did like the plastic table adjusts to size "growing" with your little ones. It earns a 'C.'

The extra scoop here is the additional Servin' Surprises Ice Cream Set you can throw in for $15.

"Along with the toaster, that was our top toy. The kids loved scooping the fake ice cream and mixing and matching flavors. It's a real deal for only $15," says Glenn.

It easily dishes out an 'A.'

So, it seems our menu offered something for every age here, wrapping up this Does it Work toy test.

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