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I have never seen a ladder more durable or ready for DIY season than the ladder featured in today's deal. I can't even tell you the number of accidents I've almost succumbed to while carrying a heavy ladder around my home or studio. That all changes right now with something that anyone can safely carry.

Brilliant, ingenious and highly practical! Those are the words I use to describe the Feather Weight Climb telescoping aluminum ladder. Chances are you have not seen the words "feather weight" and "ladder" in the same sentence but this durable beauty that expands to almost 9 feet is a keeper.

Almost half the calls to a handy-person in our region are the result of us not being able to reach something!

In my quest to save you money, I purchased the gem of all gems for household projects and repairs. It started with various things I could not reach and light bulb changes in our studio, and this ladder has now morphed into my go-to for countless chores. I can even clean our eavestroughs!

Click the play button to watch this ladder in action and to see how easily it can be transported!

Features of the Feather Weight Climb telescoping aluminum ladder:

  • The lightest, most durable and accessible ladder on the market
  • Weighs less than 15 pounds
  • Expands to 8.5 feet
  • Retracts 27 inches
  • Allows you to reach up to 16.5 feet
  • Top-of-the-line safety features
  • Great for eavestrough autumn leaf removal!
  • OSHA / ANSI rated to 300 pounds
  • Aerospace engineered using airplane grade aluminum alloy for strength
  • Professional level, industrial quality
  • Ideal for reaching LED and ceiling light bulb replacement
  • Safely clean your windows
  • Easily reach air ducts, vents and other areas of your home for cleaning
  • 20 percent lighter than competitors and a fraction of the cost
  • Slip resistant, easy to store and extremely durable
  • Lowest-recorded price today

BUY IT NOW: $40 off Feather Weight Climb telescoping extension ladder with free shipping
Was: $129.99
Now: $89.99

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