TOLEDO (WTOL) - You may remember Ronda Bishop and the headache she went through when a local roofer ripped her off for $1,500.

But as of Wednesday night, she not only has her money back, she once again has a working roof.

Our story started in November when Bishop came to WTOL after she had taken the money out of her 401(K) to get her roof fixed, all for nothing. The roofer, Mike Vinet, took the money and ran. He eventually returned the money after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Following the story, Vinet’s former employer, Jeff Moore, reached out to WTOL in hopes of getting in touch with Bishop. Eventually, she learned he would donate the labor and materials to fix her roof.

"The dumpster was donated by Competitive Hauling and I donated the rest of the stuff,” Moore said.

Moore and his six-person crew took three days to complete the job, which they finished last week.

"I'm so grateful and they're actually doing a good job,” Bishop said.

It was no walk in the park for Moore. He has been battling stage four kidney failure for nearly four years. Getting out of bed is a challenge and going to work is a daily struggle.

But deciding to donate a roof to a neighbor in need? Moore said that wasn't hard at all.

“Just giving back,” he said. “I mean, we have enough problems out there to have another problem like this in our community and we don’t need it.”