Bottle Tops: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith bio | email

(WTOL) - Bottle Tops promise to turn your canned beverage into an unopened bottle to prevent pop from going flat.

First things first---the Bottle Top pops right on..that is, if you press straight down on it. I tried T earlier in the car on the ride over, and my Pepsi can got all dented up. So, keep that in mind if you do use this product on your trip, like the commercial boasts. More importantly though...can you even drink out of this newly formed bottle?

Tom takes a sip and says, "I could do that in the car."

One claim passes: it does turn your can into a bottle. However, that might depend on what can you're using. All the soda cans worked, but no luck with the brewskie! Tom's beer can, at least, was too wide for the bottle top. Next we turn the bottles/cans upside down like the commercial shows to see if anything leaks. For the most part, no leakage, but if your can's dented at all, a little soda will likely leak out.

Still, if Bottle Tops really can keep your soda fizzing longer, it might be worth it. Tom agrees and tells on his wife here!

"Diane has a bad habit of drinking half a soda and then leaving it."

Hmm...well, let's save a tiff and see. I left Bottle Tops with the Carrs for a few weeks. I'm disappointed to report, there seems to be no difference with Bottle Tops.

Tom placed two half-full, opened soda cans in his with a bottle top, one without. The next day, both tasted equally flat. So, we've taken some of the fizz out of this product. If you're a bottle lover, then it will at least do that for your cans, but it's not going to keep sodas from going flat. It will* prevent spills, so long as you close the top.

"They're too expensive," Tom notes.

When I ordered this online it was almost $25 with shipping. You'll find it now in stores for a cheaper price. Still, the Bottle Tops are a little flat, earning a C minus on this Does it Work test.