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Three Ohio cities rank among worst drivers in the country

Study shows Cleveland ranks seventh in speeding.

OHIO, USA — Editor's Note: The attached video is from an unrelated story that aired on July 6, 2022. 

While some cities are more notorious than others for their stop-and-go traffic and reckless drivers, some are verifiably more dangerous than others. 

Insurance quote comparison company QuoteWizard compiled car insurance data from America's 70 largest cities and ranked each city by the following four factors:

  • Speeding tickets
  • Citations (running a red light, texting and driving, etc.) 
  • Accidents
  • DUIs

The total of the four total ranks determined each city's overall rank. For example, Bakersfield, CA ranked eighth in speeding tickets, first in citations, fourth in accidents, and eighth again in DUIs, bringing Bakersfield's total to 21, higher than any other major city in the country. 

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While California cities took the cake for the greatest number of cities in a state with poor drivers (an astounding eight, all in the top 10), Ohio wasn't fire behind, even with its comparably smaller population. Ohio's three largest cities made the cut, all coming in under the top 20 worst drivers.

Rank 13: Cleveland, OH

Rank 15: Columbus, OH

Rank 19: Dayton, OH

Of their individual scores, Cleveland was seventh in the nation for speeding tickets, Columbus 19th for DUIs, and Dayton 18th for citations. 

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No Ohio cities ranked among the 35 best for driving safety. The nearby Detroit, MI, however, took eighth place among the best driving cities. The best city for driving overall was Louisville, KY, with a rank 71 out of 75 in citations. 

A full list of ranks, including both the best and worst cities for driving, can be found here

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