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Meet Roy: a resilient pup with a journey to recovery -- and Toledo

Lucas County Pit Crew recently celebrated adopting out more than 2,000 pets. Now they're aiming to hit 2,001 with a lucky pup named Roy.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Lucas County Pit Crew recently celebrated adopting out more than 2,000 pets since it was founded in 2012. Now the nonprofit's Executive Director, Jean Keating, is hoping to hit 2,001 with a lucky pup named Roy.

Roy was rescued from a rock pile out in Texas, flown to St. Louis, Missouri, and then driven to Ohio. The long journey was to make sure he has the best shot he can at finding a family who will love and care for this special dog. 

"As soon as I saw his picture I was like, yeah we'll do it," Keating said. 

Credit: Lucas County Pit Crew

Weeks ago, Keating saw pictures of Roy chained up, sick with infections, emaciated, dragging his hind legs behind him, bloodied and bruised.

"I'm not really sure how much longer he would have lasted, given the severity of his wounds and the massive infection he was fighting. Maybe, a week. maybe," Keating said. 

She felt the need to jump in and make sure Roy got a fighting chance at a new life. Even while he was hundreds of miles away, Keating didn't care: Pit Crew was going to give him a shot, with the proper medical care and mobility assistance including a special wheel chair. 

None of these life saving efforts were cheap. Costs for Roy's care easily climbed into the thousands. Yet Keating said it's thanks the nonprofit donors for stepping up when needed. 

"They're willing to put forth money to make it happen. Our volunteers are also incredibly willing," Keating said. 

Enter best friends Katie Hines and Sue Beaudry, who have a dozen pets between the two of them. They drove the van to go pick up Roy and a couple other pups in need. From Texas, Roy hopped on a donated flight to Missouri. There he met the pair ready to drive him to Toledo, Ohio. 

"I said we'll do it. We drove eight hours, spent like six hours sleeping. Then drove eight hours back," Hines said. 

The two recorded their journey there and back. Beaudry said seeing Roy go from what he was, to where he is, especially thriving in his wheelchair, brought tears to her eyes. 

Both women agree helping dogs like Roy makes their day. Especially since they get to watch him grow stronger and happier in their care. Now it's time to get him a home, just like every other adoptable dog. 

"What's the difference? You have to pick him up and put him in the car," Keating said. 

The only extra thing Roy needs differently from other pups is his wheelchair. Otherwise, he's good to go as is. Beaudry said he can give anyone the one thing every home needs. 

"Two words: unconditional love. You can have the worst day. You can have the best day. But when you come home and you see them waiting for you how can you have a bad day?" Beaudry said. 

With Roy now up for adoption, click here to learn more information about Roy as well as many other furry adoptable companions. 

Additionally, you can support Roy and his furry pals from the Lucas County Pit Crew this weekend. The nonprofit is hosting 'Woofstock: a Mewsic Festival', a fashion show unlike any other. All the adoptable pets will strut their stuff on the runway! The show is 7 p.m. this Saturday at the Pinnacle in Maumee. There will be food, music, a silent auction, and games. Tickets are $100 dollars, click here for more information.

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